Slow Nomaden

„The world is my playground“

Slow Nomaden is the new side project of Tobias Kroschel, the head behind Sound Nomaden to express his passion for deeper sounds and influences from around the globe. In his DJ Sets and productions he takes the listener on an electronic journey through sounds of different cultures and spheres.

Already his first EP „Jungle“ released on 3000Grad Records in late 2017 got huge support from within the global tastemaker scene including Nico Stojan, Damian Lazarus, Riva Starr, Igor Marijuan just to name a few. In 2018 Slow Nomaden released his next EP called „Gondwana“ on his own label Nu Boheme Recordings. Gondwana was received even better and has reached nearly 300.000 plays on spotify to date and was playlisted by several international radio stations and DJ’s. His next EP’s called „Elephant Dream“ and „Vasudeva“ both entered the Beatport Top100 Releases in their Genre Afro House and Electronica/Downtempo. Today Slow Nomaden has gained support by a lot of DJ’s, Radiostations and Magazines from within the global electronic music scene including Joris Voorn, Franco Bianco, Beatamines, Peter Kruder, Xinobi, Anderson Noise, Paco Osuna, Gene Farris, Falscher Hase, Judge Jules, Armen Miran, The Disco Boys, Unders, DJ Ravin (Buddha Bar), Afterlife (Cafe Del Mar), Uner, Pedro Mercado, Flux FM, Ibiza Sonica Radio, Ibiza Global Radio, Kiss FM Australia, Kiss FM Ukraine, Futurock FM, Sunshine Live Radio, Vicious Magazine,, Electronic Groove and many more.

In 2019 Slow Nomaden released three new Singles called „Magic Carpet“, „Sun“ and „Illusion“ all taken from the forthcoming debut album „Journey“ that will be released on march 15th.

Tobias is constantly producing and touring since 8 years on an international level and has performed on several renowned festivals including Fusion Festival (GER), Rainbow Serpent (AUS), Boomtown (UK), Woomoon Ibiza (ESP) and 3000 Grad Festival (GER). He played Clubs in Berlin, Paris, London, Ibiza, Zurich, Copenhagen, Munich, Vienna, Melbourne, Geneva, Hamburg and many more…

Tobias Kroschel is based in the city of Münster, Germany.