Sound Nomaden

Tobias Kroschel alias Sound Nomaden is a DJ and Producer based in Germany, who is best known for his fusion of different music styles with 4 to the floor beats. Because of his numerous international live performances (among others Melbourne, Paris, London, Zurich, Berlin, Munich) and his well received productions (The Trumpet, The Little Things In Life, Dreamer, Savanna, Snowflake) he has become a steady part of the german electronic music scene. Since 2011 Sound Nomaden constantly toured Clubs and Festivals all over Europe. In 2019 he’s back on the road again to present his latest productions and musical treasures to his growing fan base. Be prepared for a happy melodic journey!

Sound Nomaden is constantly producing and touring since 8 years on an international level and has performed on several renowned festivals including Fusion Festival (GER), Rainbow Serpent (AUS), Boomtown (UK), Openair Gampel (SUI) and 3000Grad Festival (GER). He played Clubs in Berlin, Paris, London, Ibiza, Zurich, Copenhagen, Munich, Vienna, Melbourne, Geneva, Hamburg and many more