Sound Nomaden – Warm Lights

EP Out Now

With his first EP on Nu Bohème Recordings, Sound Nomaden releases four melodic deep, clubby and eclectic tracks that give us a new insight in the versatile work behind one of the leading DJ’s and producers of the Electro Swing Phenomenon.

Sound Nomaden creates patchworks of synthesizer arpeggios, jazzy piano lines, sampled child instruments and toys, blues harp, strings, transformed vocals and deep club beats that blend into an atmospheric musical work.

The four tracks all combine a highly emotional and melodic approach with an uptempo club vibe.

With the title track „Warm Lights“ Sound Nomaden composed a dreamy soundscape of glassy bells, beautiful strings and reverse piano chords over a relaxed club beat. We’re sure you’ll feel the warm sunlight touch your skin.

„Voices“ combines a catchy, yet slightly surrealistic vocal melody with an analog synth vibe and a powerful bassline while „You And Me“ with its grooving beat and jazzy flavour evolves into a hidden love song.

Last but not least „The Love Blues“ comes along with a funky vocal over a clubby beat and of course a dusty blues harp line.

Enjoy and stay in touch, as Sound Nomaden has his debut album in the pipeline to be released in early summer 2014.